web design, marketing design & art direction

Since October 2012, I have worked on the Online Marketing & Strategy department at Ralph Lauren in New York City.
Under Creative Senior Director Joe Berean, our tight-knit team of designers and marketing coordinators specialize in ideating,
designing and producing special digital content initiatives for Ralph Lauren's biggest wholesale partners, including Macy.com,
Bloomingdales.com, Saks.com, LordandTaylor.com, TheBay.com, Belk.com, Dillards.com, and many more.
Predominately, we produce content for Polo Ralph Lauren, Black Label, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Home
and Ralph Lauren Childrenswear. (Polo and Ralph Lauren Home are my current focus.)

While we handle the seasonal business of site marketing and emails for every partner, the special content we also produce includes
look books, interactive shopping tools, omni-channel marketing (digital, social and print) campaigns, special events,
sweeps, augmented reality content, videos, style guides, and special media partnerships with the likes of InStyle and GQ.
Likewise, the experience (for me) has come to define the term "flying by the seat of my pants."

Day-to-day, my work ranges from wireframing to desktop design work to photo studios to managing developers and retouchers,
and everything in-between (with the help and fabulous leadership on our team, of course!). I feel lucky to have the opportunity
to try on so many creative "hats" and on behalf of such a legendary American brand. Because of the pace at which we work
and the ever-growing demand for online content, I have a hard time keeping track of everything we have done.
Likewise, this section of my portfolio represents just a small fraction of the work I have done as a part of Ralph Lauren. Enjoy!

ART DIRECTION — Lifestyle Photography
Ralph Lauren Home (Fall 2013)

Imagery photographed for the relaunch of Ralph Lauren Home on its 30th anniversary, Fall 2013.
These images are used in web content as well as in-store marketing.

Soft Styling: Dana Ferguson | Set Dressing: Quy Nguyen | Set & Photography: Mayo Studios

ART DIRECTION — On-Figure Photography
Imagery styled for Polo Ralph Lauren content projects

ART DIRECTION — Laydown Photography
Imagery styled specifically for Ralph Lauren Home,
Polo Ralph Lauren and Lauren Ralph Lauren content projects

DESIGN — Spring 2014
Coming Soon!

for Bloomingdale's
design, art direction, production management, marketing design

In Fall 2013, Ralph Lauren Home celebrated its 30th anniversary with a relaunch of its textiles subset, including brand new utility bed and bath products. To communicate the versatility and quality of these new products, our team was tasked with designing an online content showcase for Bloomingales.com. Ultimately, the new collection came to life in an evergreen interactive shopping tool (which Bloomingdale's calls their most successful ever!) The Ralph Lauren Home Stylist Bed & Bath Builder includes three distinct builders for Percale bedding, Sateen bedding and bath products, as well as an interactive look book/style guide for collection beds.

In the end, over 700 individual images of bedding and bath product were either shot or retouched and compiled to build the feature.To date, this is by far the most complex and challenging project I have ever worked on. Special thanks to Otilio Soto for helping me stay sane.

Creative Direction: Joe Berean & Otilio Soto | Soft Styling: Dana Ferguson
Set Dressing: Quy Nguyen | Set & Photography: Mayo Studios

Alternate Version: Macys.com

for Team USA and Macy's
content design, marketing design

Creative Direction: Joe Berean

Ralph Lauren Childrenswear for Belk
design, production management, marketing design

Creative Direction: Joe Berean

much more to come...