Sarah D. Tolzmann is a Web Designer for Ralph Lauren worldwide headquarters in New York City, and the blogger/designer behind Note to Self (launched in April 2009). She is a user experience and digital media designer, and a sometimes brand consultant for small creative businesses. She has a professional background in graphic design, retail planning/merchandising, and personal styling. She is formally educated in graphic design, brand analysis, user experience design, and design for business strategy.

Sarah graduated from Union College (NY) in 2007 with a a BA in Art History and Visual Arts. After working for a few years, she decided to independently build a portfolio and pursue a graduate-level education. In 2009, she was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design where she began with a year of intensive graphic design classes. In 2010, she entered the Master of Fine Arts Design Management program, which allowed her to work closely with award-winning faculty, guest designers, and corporate project sponsors. Her particular extra-educational interests (ahem, blogging) lead her to focus on brand analysis and user experience design, especially in relation to social media networks and visual design. In spring 2012, Sarah completed her MFA thesis entitled "Texturing: Designing Conceptual Framework for Online Brand Community Management," and graduated with an Outstanding Academic Achievement departmental award (woo hoo!)

A timely blend of business research, product, service and brand design strategy, the Design Management degree program has enabled Sarah to become an active (albeit nontraditional) member of the online community. Her work at SCAD has been featured on, while her blog content has been shared on,, Anthology Magazine, 100 Layer Cake, Snippet and Ink, Oh Joy!, and many more. She has worked as a brand consultant for Savannah Magazine, and acted as the Associate Designer behind Matchbook magazine for over a year while finishing school (May 2011 - November 2012).

A Baltimore native, Sarah has lived up and down the East Coast, from New York to Virginia to Georgia. She currently lives in Manhattan.
When not running around RL headquarters on Madison Ave or working on a new blog post, you can find Sarah wandering museums, hosting dinner parties with friends, or playing at the beach with her black labrador in Connecticut.

P.S. // Though she is not currently accepting freelance clients, she thanks you for even considering her for your project.